My name is Percy Cicilia Jr, an African-American Dutch-Antillean.
I am a photographer & poet/writer.
Moreover I am also a dancer, thinker, public speaker,
politics & history junkie, foodie and avid Japanophile. 

Photography is the Capture of Moments
All moments are fleeting, never to be repeated again
and I encourage the viewer to look and see a particular moment,
to appreciate that no two moments are alike,
and as such, no two pictures are alike.

My biggest inspirations as such have been Moriyama, Newton & Corbijn.

Writing is Cathartic 
I have been blessed and cursed with an inquisitively erratic mind
that jumps from one fantastical notion of sanity to another. 
I simply write so that my mind can rest; to vent the creative
maelstrom that has taken lodgings between my ears. 
My favourite writers are Terry Pratchett, Haruki Murakami and Walter Moers.

If you gotten this far then I must commend you.
Enjoy the rest of the site. 
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